Door terminal module, for Hotel Guest Room Doors, DT 710, Dialock

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Door terminal module, for Hotel Guest Room Doors, DT 710, Dialock

  • EN 179 emergency exit

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Product details

Area of application

for guest room interior doors,
with approval for use as fire resistant door and smoke control door

Transponder technology

Tag-it™-ISO®, Mifare DESfire EV2, Mifare Classic EV1


battery-operated, intelligent door terminal, can be activated contactlessly using Dialock key (passive transponder)
- Red/white LEDs/Piezo signal generator for indication of locking and unlocking
- Door backplate interior module with rotary knob with which "Do not disturb" can be indicated on the exterior module by a flashing signal (rotary knob = DND = "Do not disturb" function). Mechanical locking takes place using the thumbturn and pushes the deadbolt of the mortice lock forward
- The door can be opened from the inside without a key at any time by operating the lever handle
- several keys per room and up to 20 keys per door terminal are possible
- mechanical emergency opening is possible
- with real-time clock for logging all procedures, housing openings, emergency openings and battery removals (memory for up to 1000 log entries, for up to 1000 user keys)
- Tamper protection switch on interior module blocks the door terminal if the internal backplate is removed. Access from the outside is blocked for user keys if the tamper protection switch has been activated. The tamper protection switch can be optionally activated
- for service personnel: Indication of need for battery change


Stainless steel

Order reference

The following must also be ordered for a fully operational unit:
- 1 mortice lock for DT 700 / DT 710
- 1 profile cylinder for mechanical emergency opening
- 4 AA batteries
- 1 angled striking plate, only for mortice locks with a 20 mm forend
- Mounting tool special bit or SW3 screwdriver for screw with security pin
- Mounting set (threaded screws and square spindle)

Technical data attributes
Technical Data
Degree of protectionIP20
Ambient temperature0 – 55 °C
Relative humidity0  – 95 %
Spindle9 mm
Door thickness35 – 95 mm
Backset55 oder 65 mm
Type of voltage supplyBattery
Type of batteryAA Mignon 1.5 V
Distance72 mm
StandardTested for fire resistance in accordance with EN 1634, T90
Tested in accordance with EN 12209 (mortice lock), EN 1906 (terminal), EN 179 (with appropriate suitable lever handle design)
Electrostatic discharge (ESD)meets the requirements of EN 301 489 – 1
Number of possible audit trail entries1,000
Number of possible Dialock keys1,000
Additional information attributes

Notes on operation and installation

Planning by Dialock specialist is required.
DT 710 door terminal modules on fire resistant and smoke control doors must be installed by Dialock specialists after approval by the door manufacturer. Otherwise the Fire and Smoke Control Certificate for the door will be invalidated.

Only to be used in combination with DIN mortice lock for DT 710. The comfort function is set via the mortice lock.

If an escape route door in accordance with EN 179 is required, only door terminals with U-shaped lever handle aperture parts are permitted.

Mechanical emergency opening
The DT 710 door terminal set must always be equipped with a profile cylinder to make mechanical emergency opening possible. The installation of a profile cylinder with fire resistance approval is mandatory for approval as a fire resistant or smoke control door. When using mechanical emergency opening, please note the information sheet for determining the length of the single profile cylinder.

The batteries in the door backplate interior module are secured in the covering with a special screw. This is intended to prevent unauthorised battery removal. For this reason, a special bit is required to equip the interior module with batteries, which must be ordered separately.

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