When Every Inch is A Function

The highlight from Kitchen and Bathroom 2017



Jakarta, September, 27th,2017 – A minimalist space with a maximum functionality is increasingly on demand, in line with the increasing cost of land, and spaces that  have automatically become more limited.  Integrating the concept of efficient interior design with the use of the appropriate fittings is key for a limited space to remain suitable to the needs of home owners while still maintaining comfort. In addition to space efficiency, HÄFELE also gives research on furniture technology a priority in order to have every inch of available space representing innovation and German quality technology. HÄFELE is an innovator in the world of Furniture Technology.


One of the most distinctive HÄFELE technologies in home products is NovaPro Scala, a premium drawer system to suit the most complex design requirement. The differentiation options that SCALA offers, provides a simple yet timeless solution. Hence, the pulling power felt by users when opening the empty or filled drawers are basically the same.


Furthermore, space efficiency is transform through folding, sliding systems and other positions that enable one furniture to change into different configurations with new functionality. 



HÄFELE offers solutions for small spaces with maximum functionality. The design of the interior  remains comfortable, feels spacious and chic by optimizing the functionality of each furniture. With the spirit of more life per m2, HÄFELE offers furniture solutions for 21st century homes. 


Many of HÄFELE products can be found in every home space with the spirit to optimizing the functionality of a space.  HÄFELE provides system and furniture fittings for well-known quality furniture brands such as TOTO and Metric Kitchen.



Roland Poehlmann, Managing Director HÄFELE Indotama said, “HÄFELE has its presence in Indonesia since 1995 and is known by designer interiors, furniture companies, and dealerships. The initial focus of HÄFELE sales is B2B to retailers, furniture industry, hotel and apartment management. We have been supporting local furniture industry in producing premium quality products that are competitive in the global market”


“Besides our head office in Tangerang, we are now present in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Jepara, Surabaya and Denpasar.  This time, we are encouraging customer in Indonesia to see and experience first-hand a wide range of HÄFELE product innovations and solutions for every space.  We hope that we can be closer to our customers in Indonesia,” added Roland while opening Kitchen & Bathroom 2017 event at JIExpo Kemayoran on Wednesday (27/9).


At the Kitchen & Bathroom 2017 event, HÄFELE showed its newest innovation exclusive German kitchen such as premium kitchen that prior aesthetic value, and  compact kitchen that offers comfort, practicality, and fast access to all things that are kept in storages, as well as various accessories for wardrobe and sanitary area


In addition, HÄFELE invited kitchen specialist from Kessebohmer, Germany, Frank Schrodt. He Will  share information on kitchen trend and solutions and how to maximize the functionality of kitchen appliances in a minimalist space.  



Furthermore, HÄFELE will present a pleasant, easy, and convenient cooking experience with chef Wina Bissett, the author of Wina Bissestt’s home cooking, Wina Bissett’s cookies and Wina Bissett’s Simply Indonesian in preparing various German dishes from a German kitchen.






In the past, kitchen designs focused at functionality and efficiency, today kitchen design leans toward creating an environment that is not only welcoming, but also has aesthetic appeal, value and functionality.  Kitchen has become part of the interior and centre part of a home, where family and friends gather to spend time together. Not just a space for cooking.


Therefore, according to Roland, HÄFELE is introducing kitchen planning solution. “There are three factors that must be considered including size, layout, and most importantly the needs of the end users.  The basic of kitchen design refers to the ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’, which is the layout of cook tops, sink, and refrigerators.  These three main components must be easily accessed, so no one won’t waste energy running around in the kitchen.  An ideal kitchen is categorized into four zones, which include food storage, clean-ups, preparations, and cooking.  All those components will be custom designed to suit our needs. 


Roland added “Premium German kitchen incorporates innovation, quality, aesthetic, value and function.  Home appliances and kitchen appliances can be organized in such arrangement using handle less kitchen cabinets to ensure a practicality.  Function optimization will be blended with design element. It will always look chic and modern, with the choice of elegant trend color such as; matte black, a storage fittings color in anthracite and a matte white granite sink finished”.


“This concept creates an elegant impression and provides comfort for us to move effortlessly when cooking and doing activities with family in the kitchen. HÄFELE solution offers the notion of ‘Kitchen Becomes The Heart of Our Home,” said Roland.


During the ceremony, chef Wina Bissett, will show how to cook conveniently. Motion technology from HÄFELE will allow kitchen set, not only function as a storage, by opening, sliding, or closing. Some of the sections can instantly change its function into another function.


The storage system in the wall cabinet is not overlooked. iMove will be presented in Kitchen and Bathroom Indonesia 2017. It can be pulled down, so it won’t  take a lot of effort to reach the contents.  When are going reach other cook wares and other things. We do not require any ladder / bench. We  just need to open a drawer that can be transformed into a stair.  After cooking, the module can be pulled and transform as a table.


Danny Ng, General Manager Sales & Marketing of Hafele Indotama added that “HÄFELE also provides LOOX LED SYSTEM, a modular lighting system technology which is so easy to be set up by everyone.

We also invented Dialock Locking System with four conveniences which are easy to be configured, easy to network, easy to operate, and easy does it (easy in both the system and the service). HÄFELE also  known for its sliding door solutions called SLIDO. It can be applied to wooden, glass or aluminum door frame as well” Danny Ng concluded.


Perfecting a wide range of solutions for furniture fittings, HÄFELE invented Taveletto. A multi-functional sofa bed that presents a solution for a compact bedroom.  The bed can be folded and stowed against the wall when it is not being used.  When the bed time is coming.  We just simply pull down the bed and it is ready to be used, without sacrificing any space in the room.