Indobuiltech 2015

Hafele Indonesia participated in the biggest Building Material & Technology Exhibition in Indonesia, Indobuildtech, which was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, from 3th – 7th June 2015. Indobuildtech Expo is the foremost benchmark of building industry & technology advancements in Indonesia.

The limited living spaces in Indonesia make people to make every single space that is used and functional.  The ability to make a good use of limited spaces is highly needed nowadays. Hafele solve this in an innovative way and clever ideas of living smart in limited space with the concept and intelligent use of existing spaces by extend the functionality of furniture and makes it flexible, mobile, rotating, sliding and moveable, even disappear altogether when it is not needed.

A very wide range of products starting from furniture fittings, interior equipment & lighting in furniture, architectural hardware, hardware technology, door and window hardware fittings, and locking system can be viewed on Hafele booth in the exhibitions stands.