Häfele Loox5

The essence of four generations of LED light

Häfele has developed and researched, held discussions with many joiner/cabinet maker partner and partners in the industry, and learned a lot. It has been 100,000 hours probably that the globally operating fitting specialist has spent working with LED light.  Its LED lighting brand, Loox, has gained an excellent reputation in the industry worldwide. At the interzum in Cologne, Häfele presented Loox5, the essence of four generations of LED light and a deep forward pass for the successful industrial implementation of light in furniture.


Loox5 answers the questions that are driving our time. It's even easier, even better, and above all, much smarter than its predecessors. Loox5 pays tribute to the demands of the furniture industry with its high reliability, even with around-the-clock operation. The new Häfele lighting system features a significant increase in performance, indispensable for linear lighting that is in great demand in the LED sector. Loox5, with its high-quality Samsung LEDs, shines with extraordinary quality of light. It impresses with assembly that easily integrates in furniture production processes, smart and easy-to-use light control, and its connectivity to third-party systems.


New driver with intuitive connections

The heart of the system are new drivers with an installation height of 16mm for 12 and 24 Volt systems, each in three performance classes for small and medium-sized installations, and a driver with an installation height of 38 mm for large installations in 24 Volt systems up to 270 Watts. This top-of-the-range supplier from Häfele's own development and European production delivers an output current of 5 A in safe continuous operation, thereby also covering longer installation distances. It also takes care of the safety monitoring of the system. It detects overloaded installations and signals them to the user – the system thinks for itself and is always safe.

High system performance requires high currents, and in order to transmit those safely, a new plug system has been developed for the 5A environment. As before, it is clearly colour and shape-coded for error prevention and facilitation of the installation, and even survives a possible improper installation without problems.

Distribution and control in the Loox5 system is accomplished via linearly connected six-way distributors for monochromatic lights with connections for all standard wired switches and sensors from the Loox range.  The Mesh six-way distributor for RGB, multi-white and monochromatic lights connects wirelessly with wireless remote controls, wall switches, or third-party wall switches and corresponding sensors. The six outputs on this intelligent distributor are individually configured, and also controlled if desired, via the Häfele Connect Mesh app. An interface for conventional switches is included as well.


Smart Home at its best with Häfele Connect Mesh

With its Connect Mesh module, developed in-house, for the individual control of light and electrically powered fittings, Häfele sets a new international communication standard. The technology platform is Bluetooth Mesh, a standardised protocol based on Bluetooth Low Energy, introduced in 2018. Thanks to extensive encryption, it enables secure communication between many devices simultaneously. This Connect Mesh module is integrated in all Loox5 light control components.

The Häfele Connect Mesh app for mobile devices is used for simple and intuitive configuration and control of Connect Mesh networks, light, and electrically powered fittings. The app is available as a free download for IOS and Android operating systems.


The new remote control and the wall switch make it even easier. Here, the functions are implemented directly via a few buttons, on/off, dimming, changing the colour temperature or light colour, save and run lighting scenarios, even the operation of electrically powered fittings, such as opening and closing furniture doors, is child's play.

The best part: By using adapters, both systems, the original Loox that continues to be offered and the new Loox5 can be easily combined in both directions.


More light in the kitchen – custom tailored for the industry

With Häfele, integrating light in furniture becomes as easy and matter of course as it is in the fridge. A new package tailored to the needs of the kitchen furniture industry, created from the components of the new Loox5 LED lighting system, makes installation an integral part of the industrial production process and therefore highly effective and easy to implement. How it works and how Häfele looks holistically at kitchens and other areas was impressively demonstrated at the interzum with “Loox for Industries”, using the example of showcase furniture in rooms and a show kitchen. The core message was: The integration of light becomes easy, easy in planning, easy in production and installation, and easy in the control and customisation of lighting design via app, wall switch, and remote control.

Overall, Häfele presented a convincing overall package with this concept, which is being further developed in worldwide dialogue with industrial customers, even beyond the kitchen. 



The Loox5 new products in brief:


LED strip lights

With the strategic alliance with Samsung, Häfele is increasing the light quality, ensuring a uniform colour temperature across the entire system. A life time of 50,000 hours is guaranteed.



With a large selection of recess mounted and surface mounted profiles with small cross-sections and high-quality surface finish, Häfele meets the increased demands of its partners. In addition to the finish colours silver and black, there are also surface mounted profiles in a brushed stainless steel look.



Also at the interzum, Häfele presented the first spotlights with Samsung LED technology. They allow for a combination of linear lighting and spotlighting with a uniform colour temperature. These lights are available for 12V and 24V systems.


New modular furniture lights

Two new modular furniture lights for 58 and 26 mm drilled holes also made their premiere at interzum. Equipped with modular recess mounted or downlight housings, customers now have access to an extended variety of designs and colours.


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