An aluminium-based substrate, which is a sleek and modern alternative to the glass, acrylic and tiled backsplashes.
Available in 11 countries, such as the United Kingdom, the Benelux, Baltic States, Norway, and Vietnam to name a few. AluSplash is a re-resistant panel that complies with various international re codes, making it suitable to be used behind gas stoves, unlike acrylic backsplashes. It is coated with a durable, high gloss, UV resistant paint coating system that gives the panel surface a smooth and continuous look comparable to that of glass.
Available in a wide range of vibrant and earthy colours, AluSplash lends a modern look to any residential, commercial and retail space. A thoroughly versatile and eco-friendly product, AluSplash can also be used for multiple applications: kitchen backsplashes, kitchen island & bar backs, shower wall panels & shower recess, vanity backsplashes, mirror surrounds, laundry backsplashes, feature walls, shoptting and displays.

Backsplashes bring functionality and style into your kitchen, protecting walls and cabinetry from moisture, heat, and grime, and at the same time adding personality and character to the kitchen space.
Design trends this year reect this with open-plan kitchens blending into the main living room.
White glass units are the most popular choice for the kitchens.They are a style classic or you can choose a coloured backsplash to bring a statement to the space and inject some colour at a fraction of the cost.

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